Tijdens de twee uitwisselingsprojecten met was Virginija Gaizuskiene de Litouwse projectleidster.

In 1999 begon in Denemarken de samenwerking tussen het Maerlant-Ath. en de Likiskeliai-school in Alytus, die leidde tot 14-daagse uitwisselingen (telkens 2 fases, een Blankenbergse en een in Alytus) In 2002 eindigde de uitwisseling.

Een paar leerlingen bleven contacten onderhouden, o.a. Soizik Van Huele, die Vaiva Gaizauskiene op heet huwelijksfeest heeft uitgenodigd.

Vorige week was er e-mailcontact met Virginija: Ze schreef o.a. You should know that my daughter Vaiva still keeps in touch with Soizik). They both bring up boys so they have something in common till these days.

 Seven years ago I had to change school as Likiskeliai secondary school has become only basic school. Now I am working at the oldest gymnasium of our region Alytus Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas gymnasium. I still teach and participate in international projects. Last year I and my students were involved in the project “Reaching out through Skype” and had an international link with students from Hungary, the Netherlands and Georgia on the occasion of European Language Day, later we prepared international travelling children’s photo exhibition “From the Album of Emotions” ( So life moves on. I am a grandmother of six-year-old Rugile and four-year-old Adomas and spend lots of my free time with them at the farmstead not far from Alytus.

 So much for the time being. My best regards to everyone I know in Maerlant atheneum!”